January 4, 2021

Clinical Innovation Platform Announces First Member Company


January 4, 2021

The Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) is pleased to announce the residency of its first member company, AltPAP Innovation. In brand new facilities designed to help healthcare start-up companies, the CLIP will provide access to research space, mentorship, clinical trial services and tools for the development of innovative new products.

AltPAP Innovation is a leading-edge Canadian start-up company. Focused on emergency solutions for respiratory assistance during COVID-19, AltPAP’s mission is to support development of emergent, non-invasive oxygenation therapies and to facilitate the adoption of these therapies in Canadian hospitals. Simulation tests and design optimization for new oxygenation devices are a key part of AltPAP innovation’s expertise, as is the creation of resources for respiratory therapists. “We are very excited by the possibilities for collaboration and innovation at the CLIP,” says AltPAP Innovation director Michael Sendbuehler. “It is a fantastic new facility, ideally located in the heart of the Montreal General Hospital.”

Tatiana Ruiz (left) and Patricia McClurg, both of AltPAP Innovation, and the ScubaPAP oxygenation device.

“Our non-profit organization is committed to accelerating innovation in respiratory technology to better fight COVID-19 now, and also to increasing and sustaining the availability of proper respiratory therapies in lower-middle-income areas,” says Sébastien Proulx, a cofounder of AltPAP Innovation and PhD candidate at McGill University. “We do so by enabling innovators from all horizons with equipment and expertise and by uniting scientific, industrial and clinical efforts through open science principles. The CLIP is the perfect place to make all that happen.”

Additional members of the AltPAP Innovation team include Tatiana Ruiz, M.Sc, respiratory therapists Patricia McClurg, RRT, and Marco Zaccagnini, RRT. Collaborator Reza Farivar, PhD, is leader of the CodeLife ventilator challenge.

“We are proud to offer concrete support to this young company and to the fight against COVID-19,” says Jake Barralet, PhD, scientific director of the CLIP. “In turn, we warmly acknowledge MEDTEQ’s support allowing us to contribute to the National Beachhead medical technology initiative. As well, the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the generous support of our patients and donors made the CLIP possible.”

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