November 8, 2023

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada and CLIP Collaboration


RIMUHC’s Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) announces new collaboration with leading MedTech company!

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada joins McGill University Hospital Network’s Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP)  🎉

[Montreal, September 28, 2023] – The Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) located at the Montreal General Hospital, serving members of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Centre universitaire de santé McGill | McGill University Health Centre and its RI-MUHC | Research Institute of the MUHC | #rimuhc announced that Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada[1] is joining as its latest corporate member. This strategic collaboration aims to foster innovation in the healthcare industry and drive the development of groundbreaking clinical studies.

CLIP membership leverages the group’s extensive expertise and resources to contribute to the advancement of medical technology and enhance patient care. This strategic partnership can provide access to a diverse network of industry experts, Key Opinion leaders, and cutting-edge research, creating unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and discovery.

The CLIP serves as a catalyst for the development and execution of innovative clinical studies, empowering stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to work together in pursuit of transformative breakthroughs. It is also the Beachhead for Surgical Innovations as part of the national  MEDTEQ+  Beachhead™ network that fosters Canadian medtech innovation.

One of the key benefits of this membership is the potential to discover and engage with emerging Medtech start-ups. Through the Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP)Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada will have the unique opportunity to explore synergies, and establish future partnerships that could revolutionize patient care.

The CLIP is enthusiastic about the inclusion of Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada as a corporate member.

“We are delighted to welcome Johnson & Johnson MedTech Canada as a member of the Clinical Innovation Platform,” said Dr Jake Barralet, CLIP Scientific director. “Their expertise and commitment to advancing healthcare align perfectly with our vision, and we are confident that our collaboration will yield remarkable breakthroughs in improving patient outcomes. We look forward to the positive impact we can make together.”

[1] The collaboration is with Johnson & Johnson (Canada) Inc.