Training and Courses

Coming Fall 2022

Starting Fall 2022, the CLIP will provide to its members, and students of the Surgical Innovation Program from McGill Department of Surgery, a series of training and courses. The CLIP being specialized in healthcare, these sessions are no exceptions since the different modules are built around the specificities and challenges encountered by MedTech companies. Thanks to a large-scale network, these sessions are delivered by academics from several institutions, including McGill and Cordordia universities, as well as professionals from the private and public sectors. Check below our different tracks.

Data Science And Software In Healthcare

Data in healthcare is crucial and a good knowledge of software to analyze it or build models is required for any MedTech entrepreneur. Among other things, participants will be able to assimilate the notion of synthetic data, better understand the application of artificial intelligence and deep learning in medicine, and learn more about clinical decision support systems.

Illustration of a dashboard

Finance for MedTech startups

The financing of a business occupies an important place in the minds of entrepreneurs since it is often one of the main sources of anxiety for the development of their project. Being well informed about the ecosystem is a fundamental first step. Very often, startups are unfamiliar with the different sources of funding, including health innovation government programs, but also what they imply.



Being an entrepreneur also means learning how to delegate, manage and communicate with a team. Developing management and leadership skills are assets for the success of a team and therefore of a project. Tensions can arise within the group, especially from a divergence in the vision of the company or from poor communication between the members. This is why this module includes courses on conflict and microaggressions management.

Medical & Clinical

This module allows participants to better understand the different medical needs thanks to the intervention of medical staff. The objective is to generate discussions around the technological solutions that could be developed to deal with the challenges. Our specialists will also highlight everything participants need to know about the development stages, including clinical studies and trials, and the commercialization of medical devices.

Medical Device Legal & Reglementary

Navigating through Quebec, Canadian, American or European regulations is not easy, especially for medical devices – highly controlled. Understandably, the processes can seem complicated and startups are mainly looking for help to better understand the different steps, especially for the submission of a patent. Our partners are able to inform and guide them.

MedTech Business Development

Overall, it is possible to divide this module into two parts. The first part is centered on meetings with successful entrepreneurs in the medical field. They share their experiences but also their failures and the lessons they have learned from them. A second part includes more theoretical courses such as: Developing a business model and a strategy, setting up a proof of concept, and understanding the digital marketing tools.

Professional Development

We believe it is important to develop some skills that are key to the success of a team and a project. These skills include project management, the art of pitching, but we will also work on personal development with stress management and diversity and inclusion workshops.